Unveiling the Pioneers of ESG: Datamaran Launches Groundbreaking Docuseries, “New Heroes of Sustainable Business”

The world's first docuseries that showcases business leaders championing sustainability offers insights outlining the smart way to ESG.

LONDON and NEW YORK October 9, 2023: With 96% of the S&P 500 reporting on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or climate change, but 40% setting no measurable targets around this information, businesses urgently need to reassess their ESG approach to avoid a greenwashing timebomb. The groundbreaking "New Heroes of Sustainable Business" docuseries showcases high-profile business leaders from organizations including Consello Group, Heathrow Airport, Eastman and Vontier, sharing personal stories and advice for a smart way to ESG.

Keeping up with ESG isn’t easy - today's business leaders navigate a perfect storm of challenges. The ESG landscape has evolved dramatically in recent years with new regulations being introduced while the risk of being called out for getting ESG wrong has increased. This has led to a heightened demand for ESG expertise, highlighting a skills gap that can’t be met fast enough. The docuseries is a response to these challenges and offers a lifeline to business leaders by outlining the smart way to ESG - starting with governance and deciding what matters most to their business.

Marjella Lecourt-Alma, Datamaran's CEO and Co-Founder, provides insights into the drive behind the docuseries. “ESG is broken because governance has been overlooked. Many companies have started and stopped at 'disclosure' - pursuing ESG initiatives with no strategic purpose. It’s like driving without knowing where you’re going. The aim of this docuseries is to spotlight business leaders at the forefront of ESG to show companies they can succeed by prioritizing ESG issues that are material to them.”

The executives featured in this series are the architects of their organization’s ESG strategies, sharing unfiltered insights into their ESG journeys to inspire other business leaders.

On why ESG starts with the G, Javier Echave, CFO of Heathrow Airport, says: “Using an analogy of a sports car, governance is like the brakes of the car. They are not designed to slow the car, they are designed to help the car go faster safely.”

Mindy Grossman, Partner at Consello Group, confirms ESG should start at the top: “In any company it’s crucial that the CEO take charge of their organization’s ESG strategy. It can't be delegated to another area of the company that's isolated. It also can't be separated from business goals. The CEO has to ensure that the ESG strategy is recognized by all as a key element of long-term, sustainable business success.”

According to Stephen Crawford, EVP, Manufacturing & Sustainability Officer at Eastman, ownership of ESG is key, “I'm a heavy believer that you have to have that capability inside. And the reason is: I don't see ESG as something that you're just doing to ensure you align with regulation. ESG is now the heart of the strategy of corporations.”

On the importance of starting with governance, Katie Rowen, SVP and Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer at Vontier says: “What is really important, at the C-suite level, is an understanding about where the organization is, where it's going from a sustainability standpoint, how you're going to get there together.”

When it comes to ESG, too many companies are getting lost in the details of standards and scores without setting clear goals. It's time to stop treating ESG like a tickbox exercise and leverage technology to realign our focus, prioritize what matters most and lead with governance.

The “New Heroes of Sustainable Business” docuseries is available to view on our webpage. Join the Smart ESG movement today!

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