Digital Workshop: How AI Can Help with CSRD Implementation and Double Materiality Assessment

20 March 2024

Watch our on-demand digital workshop to learn how ESG and sustainability teams at organizations around the world are leveraging Smart ESG technology to ensure the most efficient and scalable implementation of CSRD in their strategy and governance processes.

Our SVP of Accounts and Innovation, Donato Calace, and our VP of Product, Tim Harper, demonstrate in this practical session what Smart ESG technology does and how it enables organizations to own their ESG strategy in-house, eliminating the need for expensive outsourcing and automating manual tasks.


  • Donato and Tim walked through a real-life CSRD implementation scenario, explaining and showing the ways that Datamaran’s latest generative AI-powered innovations can help



Donato Calace

SVP Accounts and Innovation at Datamaran

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Tim Harper

Tim Harper

VP of Product at Datamaran

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