New Datamaran Academy gives practical ESG skills to the C-Suite

Datamaran’s new academy will help close the ESG skill gap and to empower leaders to lead on ESG.

New regulations, investors and company boards are demanding that business leaders take on more ESG responsibilities. But without the appropriate experience or qualifications, their organisations are exposed to possible sanction and claims of greenwashing. The new Datamaran Academy provides the first practical solution.

Datamaran has launched the Datamaran Academy during the C-Suite Forum at GreenBiz23. A practical “how to” programme that aims to upskill senior business leaders so they can make informed and smart decisions in the highly complex area of ESG. 

Marjella Lecourt Alma, CEO and founder of Datamaran said, ”Many of our clients have told us they face all these new responsibilities, but they don’t have the practical skills to deliver. So we designed this programme to do just that. It is highly focused on usable knowledge and actionable insights. There is a massive skill gap out there and an incredible appetite from stakeholders to see ESG action plans. We are trying to close that gap, so that leaders can feel confident in their decision-making and execution of their ESG strategies.”

Led by recognised industry experts and supported by acknowledged sustainability champions from a range of multinational corporations and Datamaran, the programme will provide skills that are critical for the evolving role of a business leader. By elevating ESG within their organizations, leaders can transform ESG from a costly compliance exercise into a strategic tool that drives value. But new skills are needed to effect this change. Skills that can be gained through the Datamaran Academy.

Datamaran is plugged into the policy-making arena and also has a deep understanding of the service and software provider space. This means that, based on the ESG goals business leaders want to achieve, this programme will help put in place the most appropriate ESG tech stack and any supporting initiatives and advisory requirements that are necessary for success. The Academy is already creating unique collaborations with industry and professional organizations to help further the knowledge of ESG amongst key roles within businesses.

With ESG undergoing a radical transformation, and the demands of regulators and stakeholders shifting towards strategy rather than compliance, the Datamaran Academy couldn’t be more timely. As Academy Director, Sarah Zaman, said, “In-house ownership of your ESG strategy is essential. You can’t just simply scale up your traditional consultant-led model. It is unsustainable. You need to take ownership and futureproof your business today. And that’s what we are here to help you do.”

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The Ultimate Guide to Double Materiality - How to get started in 6 simple steps

New rules demand the C-suite demonstrate they have an ESG governance infrastructure in place, ensuring their oversight and monitoring of the organization’s material sustainability impacts, risks and opportunities.

Consequently, business leaders need to have a clear and defensible position on their material ESG issues.

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